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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Drops from Heaven

Trickling down, them drops from  heaven,
Instills a pristine novelty,  each droplet
Caressed by, the zephyrs doused  in her scent,
Draped in the scent of love I stand

The clouds part, shining through, the yellow ray of hope
The colors of life, smears the heavens,
All that I can envisage, her blissful face
Draped in the scent of love I stand

Each walk of life, presents a new memory
Enchants all my senses, her cerulean eyes
Her mesmerizing smile, my  new found glory
Draped in the scent of love I walk…

Dedicated to all of you beautiful women


Friday, 1 June 2012


Let them cars soar, into the purple and blue,
Don’t nothing matter, if you aint got a clue
Perplexed and dizzy, the new horizon
Now is not, the time to be bedizen

Let the trumpets roll and the drums thump
This aint no time to hit that speed bump
Rock and roll life and the drag queen party
It’s the season, be a self proclaimed arty

Let the champagne flow into the moonless dark
On a new drive we embark
Twisted and a narcissist, I might be
But at the least I am myself, an esprit 


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