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Thursday, 28 April 2011


Those eyes, you can’t stop looking
Weaved in, the tales she spins
Her beaming smile, set on you
But you walk away,
Its fragile, the heart

Stares at you, she does
Hypnotizes she, with them dusky eyes
Her smell intoxicates you
But you don’t say anything
It’s fragile, love

Beats faster the heart, when she approaches
Makes the moon dance, does her mischief
Her beauty rejuvenates you
But solitude, you drink
It’s fragile,  life. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


You’ve given me a life
Ask me to fly
Without wings, I try

You’ve given me a life
Ask me to run
I fall, but I rise again

You’ve given me a life
Ask me to sing
My life hums the melancholy tune.

You given me a life
Ask me to smile
Without a face …I smile

You ask me to live
Without a life,
I still do

And I ask you
Do what is right,
To make it right

Dedicated to the victims of Endosulfan
By rags 

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Broken Records

Broken records

It’s just another day
The radio plays the somber song,
Times a stand still
The dices roll eight

There she is, she doesn’t have a name.
He’s just another face.  

She comes to him, her heart broken
Her life faded, the tunes broken
He’s a lost sailor, an estranged brute.
A crooked visage, an empty soul

He sees her vigor
 The glimmer in her eyes
They mend the broken paths
Torn are her clothes,
Dwindled away has her smile
He says, it doesn’t matter

They dance,
To the broken record
With a harmony so unheard of
It’s beautiful..
                                                                                                                     For that special someone

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