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Friday, 27 May 2011


Like the wind, I dashed
Dreams, higher than the sky they were,
Rocked me to sleep, them lullabies my mom hummed.
Those days, when, all I had to do was smile,

Moments that each churned memories
Like kites we used to live, without them strings to fasten
Those days, when, all I had to do was smile,
 Tears trickled, too grave now, to be quenched by the zephyr.

When happiness was the only place you knew,
Blue eyes, full of aspiration they were
Those days when time spun melodies
Tears trickled, too grave now, to be lost in the rain

When you knew, everything, would be alright then
When all you painted turned out a pretty picture
Those days you wished would last forever
Tears trickled now, silences the solitary candle.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Saibo (My Loved one)

In her twinkle, my whole world stood tranquil
Her breathe on me, makes the heart pound harder,
In her smile, my innocence is reborn,
Slowly our hearts come closer

When she talks, I forget myself
Skips a beat does my heart, when our eyes meet
She walks past, ignites does my whole world
A smile to cherish she presents me
When she finds reasons to go away….

Inspired by “Saibo” – Shor in the city Soundtrack

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