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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Journey back into Nostalgia

After a long awaited wait the flight finally lands at the Cochin international airport. A sense of rush and excitement envelops me. I step out of the airport to see my mother after almost two years. I hug her and my brothers. I run over to greet my mates, the happiness is unparallel. My mate politely asks my mom if he could borrow me for an hour. She hesitantly agrees. My mom, she is the best. My mom and brothers retreat to my house, whereas me and my mates journey towards our favorite pub. My mates are thrilled after seeing me after such a long time. We talk into the night about the life I’ve lived, and soon its time to go home and rejoin my mother. Wishing I could talk more, the feeling unexplainable, really did miss my friends.

A new day, I wake up charged. It’s been long since I’ve had a drive in my favorite car. With no plan or agenda I take of in my car, the only aspiration is frontward. It suddenly hits me like a strong wave striking you. The traffic is horrendous, almost like an arcade game. No one waits for another, everyone busy and just moving towards ones destination. I slowly get back my rhythm. I realize that there is no point in driving appropriately; I revert back to my old driving shoes. I decide to visit my school, a place where I’ve spent more than half my life. A sense of nostalgia wipes me away. I slowly get out from the car and walk towards the school. I am greeted by the peon who still remembers me after so many years. I walk along the school corridors cherishing the sweet old memories. Many a pictures clout me as I walk past each classroom.
I realize that the place I’ve been bragging about, my hometown has changed itself so drastically, a place where I’ve vowed to live the rest of my life. Soon I hear myself cursing the place. Or is it me that has changed. The people will be as they’ve always been crude and resisting change. Soon I see myself being estranged from the place where I’ve lived all my life, a place where I learned to speak, walk, live, love.  I return home with mixed emotions, I finally realize why I’ve made this trip…..its a search, for happiness,  friends, family, love, hope, self realization and so many things devoid in my life.

The Gods can dance

The curtains came down, flowers fell from the heavens. With faces full of color and expression galore they set out.  A story was told with pomp and flair.  For the first time in my life I had witnessed a Kathakali( a traditional Indian art/dance form), and I loved it.
The place was Guruvayur(Cochin,India), two days before my departure for UK my parents forced me to join them on a temple visit, which they promised would only bring me good luck. After a tiring drive we had reached the sacred temple.  The function that was set to happen was in my honor.  They say that if you sponsor such an act, the gods will bless one with good luck. So I set upon this journey which I hoped would end soon. After praying to the gods we waited for the auspicious moment.
Out came two men with a curtain, they held it tight so that no would even have a glimpse of what was happening in the background.  Naturally curiosity rose, everyone wants to know what’s behind closed doors.  Tremors of anklets fill the temple; the audience can no longer hold their anxiety.  Two young girls rush to peek behind the curtain. Their innocent faces exemplify wonder and awe.  The sound of the drums fill the arena, each beat reverberating and leaving you pulsated.  Finally the curtain comes down, there are three major characters. One depicting a man, the other a women and finally a bird. As enthralling the show must be I have no idea what the story is about. I am finally put out my misery when my dad explains the plot, that it’s actually a play about Lord Krishnan, Radha and the eagle( Hindu Gods).  Now the story makes a lot more sense. After the early teasers the show gets going, the three are engrossed in their own acts. A show much less than spectacular with the colors, the music, the acting and the awesome dancing. The grace they portray was something I’d never seen especially me being an ardent follower of dance from salsa to bharatanatyam..But this was special.  They moved like they were floating on water. Everyone is hooked on to the play as the show gets moving; soon more characters enter the fray. The villain (The Bird) for example, he tries his best to get the better of Lord Krishna, but to no avail. The expressions they portray leave me awestruck. My favorite is of course the bird, the eagle, the long beak and the wings. As the nights get longer and the more I am pestered by cockroaches that inhabits the temple my restlessness to leave increases.  I raise my head from my mothers shoulder and tell her its time to go. 

The last two weeks have just been amazing, I’ve been thinking if my decision to prolong my stay was to bring good or evil, but this has truly answered it.  I was able to attend my mom and dads 25th wedding anniversary. Truly, a moment to savor. I met my aunt, she is just the sweetest. I remember staying over at her place when I was young, I used to have so much fun and she just cared the world for me. When I met her at my mom and dads anniversary she was well pissed for not calling her after I had landed. But this was only trivial, nothing my hug couldn’t solve. And right then all her anger had melted away. And then I gave my word that I would visit her and she would reciprocate by making my favorite dishes. When I was young I used to call her “bhabha”. This woman loved me so much, that, to this day everyone calls her that, because that’s the way I would call her.  Being the first born in the family sure has a lot of righteousness attached to it that way. One of my main agendas in this trip was to make for time for people that I cared the most. I still remember losing my granddad, all I could think was why I wasn’t with him during his last days and I missed him terribly. I was going to meet my grand mom after 2 years now. This was truly going to be special. I knocked at the door, in her frail voice she asked who it was, I replied by knocking again. Her eyes seemed to deceive her; she couldn’t really make out who it was. Then she smiled, I hugged her. Her eyes filled with tears, but she held it back still portraying the strong woman who she’d always been. We talked, shared moments, memoirs I’d give anything to live through again. Suddenly she apologizes for not treating me, and she runs to grab a few chocolates. With love she watches as I gobble it, her lonely soul is happy.  I bid goodbye, she kisses me with the same love and affection she always had. 
As the days get thinner, the place starts pulling me more towards itself. As promised I take out my best friend’s sister on a drive, we share jokes and the misadventure i.e. life over a beer. And suddenly it feels as if my best friend is sitting beside me, I thanked her and bid adieu to the little angel.  The one moment I’d like to revisit again and again would surely be sharing a beer with the person I love the most in this world, my mom. It all started with a pleasant surprise when she gleefully said yes to my having a beer.  It was only stranger when she asked me to pour her one. I couldn’t hide the happiness that beckoned.  Now I never wanted to leave the place, a place that felt so close to heaven. Had I found what I was searching for?? As the days for departure came close my distress was evident. Normally one of the safest drivers around, I forced me into more than a couple of close calls. Surely my mind was elsewhere.
The night before departure, all my close friends had come to dine at my place, we talk late into the night, the times we shared, the joy the laughter the pain …… I wake up slightly dizzy, predominantly due to the fact that I can’t wake up early, pray for luck and get ready to leave.  My mom gives her blessing and hugs me with eyes full of tears, I try to hold back the pain and force a smile. My heartbreaks when I move away from her embrace and start the journey towards uncertainty. One thing that stays fresh in my mind throughout the journey is my mom’s tears.

People say that the sweetest part always comes near the end. My trip has been something of those sorts. The trip began as an expedition towards life itself. The journey towards self realization, a journey in search of love, hope, faith and life itself. Though I haven't been able to find the answers to all those queries...   the trip in itself has been life changing.... maybe in retrospect ... the trip will grow on me and it will bring more memorable moments to my heart/mind.


Another slow day of work tottering to an end; Jan the 11th. I go to sleep thinking of the vista of seeing my sister after almost a year. My darling sister, I still remember the day she was born. When my aunt passed the sweetest thing I had ever seen onto my hands. Her little eyes twinkled and she smiled. She was the apple of my eye for many years. Sisters and brothers always have the biggest and silliest fights. As she grew older she became more and more irksome like her mom ( lol ) and we had fights all the time. The day I was really cross with her was when she spied on me and my girlfriend, the issue became a family fiasco and resulted in ending my relationship. I couldn’t forgive Ammu (my sis) for that. We did not talk for a while. But then I started missing my sister. How could I possibly not be acquainted with my only sister? The brother sister bond was ignited again. This time I would never let go of my sweetheart. When she rest her head on my shoulder, when she held my arm was a feeling more than heaven. 

I left for Central London to see my aunt, uncle and sis. It was an immediate snap back to reality. The life in London had hardened me, a place where people learned to care about themselves alone, where ones life was all that mattered. I was reacquainted with the life where everyone loved each other and the care and respect was enormous. Chivalry was a must in my family and the eldest was always responsible for taking care of the rest of the family. I was reinstated that honor when I met my aunt and sister.  Well now I was the unofficial tour guide and was handed the responsibility of dispensing knowledge about a city which I had never really explored on my own. The role of being a tour guide did not sit well with me especially in the cold winter, but the prospect of spending time with my sister was much too precious for me to let go. I called my best mate to ask directions for the tour and guided my tour bus towards the national art of museum. A truth that I am realizing slowly on my own is the fact is that I am shallow. I really don’t see the point in spending time at a place when it’s not going to heed no benefit, same goes for people. The national museum did not allow any cameras, “What am I supposed to do now, look at old paintings? “Is what transcended through my mind. I entered the museum putting on my artistic cap, trying my best to sync in to the estranged environment. To my amazement I found some of the most astonishing paintings I’d seen, add to that the pretty looking female’s that surrounded the place. I just loved girls who were intellectual and loved art. Now there lay a new hub to find sexy sophisticated girls I said to my male chauvinistic mind ;).

The typical Indian woman, what can you say about them? You love them, you hate them. The affection and care that they show portrays what a woman should be, on the other hand their ignorance and senselessness plays gullibly with your temper. There were times on the trip I had to talk myself into spending time with my aunt. The sheer unawareness pissed you while the love just blew you away. Her concept of touring London was all about taking photos, she knew nothing about it, nor did she want to, all she wanted to do was click away and that’s what she did gleefully. I could almost imagine her boasting to her friends back home while narrating through the pictures or the video.

The drift between me and my sister had actually done wonders to our rapport. I had already made my self believe that I had no right to neither discipline her nor force my authority on her. I had been out her life for a long time, when she grew up; I could not come up from nowhere and establish my brotherly rights on her. We talked, about everything; we had become friends now. I never enforced anything on her, but she never did anything without my consent either. She would never defy me, and both of us knew that I could never say NO to anything she sought; the twinkle in my eye. I missed her, the very second I said goodbye to her. All that went through my mind on my journey back is that I wanted to go back, spend some more time with her.

The last day with my relatives at central London had dragged me to Primark stores. It wasn’t a supermarket of clothes; it was a supermarket of the finest girls in the world. The range and the selection were unparallel. Tall, blonde, dark, tanned, curvy, stunning, beautiful, sexy; the list went on. I fell in love over and over with each girl I saw, and my heart sang “All I want is you”. Her dashing smile, her precious eyes, the scent of an angel, it was the most natural thing in the world. I kissed and embraced the moment but then I had to let go.

Thoughts at the end of the exhausting week

I love and miss my sister

I love my aunt; she is the funniest person I know.

A marriage is never perfect; you can only play the wonderful tunes if you play both the black and the white keys.

As I stood in Madame Tussauds, I couldn’t differentiate between the zombies and the real people, and then it struck me, it’s not very different outside either.

And the song; “I cant help falling in love with you”.( goes out to all the beautiful girls in the world).


Thursday, 18 February 2010

“It is pleasant to have been to a place the way a river went.”

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

“We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.”

“Neither a wise nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.”

Fire is the identity of wisdom , Only the Wise can Smoke..

A little fire is quickly trodden out, which, being suffer'd, rivers cannot quench.

A Visit to the Post Office

Villu (The bow)

Yes this passage is about my review of a Tamil (Indian) movie called Villu starring Vijay aka junior Rajnikanth as he is called, and directed by the ingenious choreographer Prabhudeva. So why would I watch such a movie which was deemed to be horrible. Well read on …. 

The plot of the movie is pretty simple, a son wanting to take revenge on his father’s death who; yes you guessed it, was a soldier. It’s a roller coaster ride and fast paced right from the start. And if you are watching such a movie, be sure you left your thinking part of the brain at home, because there is nothing rational about the film. I’ve heard people say that a movie should have plots, events, heroes that are deficient in the real life. And that’s all that this film is about. To protect me from going insane I was forced to fast forward through the entire movie, oh yes the good old fast forward. This made the experience a little, yes bearable I would say. I had once sworn to myself that I would never watch a Vijay movie, but one thing has to be said, he is definitely one of the best dancers in India and Prabhudeva one of the most talented choreographers in India. I was expecting just a little bit of sanity from a director of such stature, but I was bitterly disappointed. Not only was the movie a direct rip off from the Hindi movie, it had some insane scenes included from the not so popular English flick – Kung Pow.

There were a few elements that needed appreciation though, such as a scene which got me into a laughing riot. They portrayed a guy riding a bullock cart whilst listening to Michael Jackson, that was a freaking awesome scene. Whilst watching this movie, I was time and again reminded by the quote that there is no happy ending in real life, and maybe that’s what we hope for in reel life. I believe that I am a harsh critic and I force myself to watch the most serious, most sensible movies of all, but I had to watch this one, which was a welcome relief at times, a movie which had no logic, no sense to it, but isn’t life like that most of the times.

The trip to the post office

After receiving the first letter from Dharu I had promised myself that I would write her back. And so I did, I took a pen and paper and started writing. I kept writing until I was out of words and then I threw it in the bin.
Months later she says that she is sending me another letter. And this time I really wanted to write back. I put in all the anger and the love and I wrote. I hadn’t written a letter to anyone for years. If memory serves me right the last time I send a letter to someone was to my late Grandfather when I was only 10 and sailing with my dad. I still remember picking out that little postcard and writing him about the big ship I was traveling in and how I missed him. 
How to write a letter, yes I need a pen, ..Darn cant find it; a pencil would do just as fine I figured. Now I need something to write on. Darn I couldn’t find a piece of paper. I finally managed to write the long awaited letter on the reverse side of my project print outs. There, now that’s informative.  And so I wrote and the master piece was done in one sitting and yes a little bit of beer did help.  Now I had to find time to send the letter, I hated waiting. I wanted to post it soon as possible and get the reply the sooner. I made time for myself and made my little trip to the post office. Now this would have to be my first ever trip to any post office. I entered the strange imperious looking place. I saw a long queue where every one looked serious.  Hmm maybe that’s the way to be; I thought to myself, I put on my straight face as well. Now, what do I need, yes an envelope. After browsing through many of the different varieties of envelopes I decided on the plain white envelope contrary to the bright green one Dhara had send me. I pushed through the queue and paid for the envelope. My first letter in so many years. I took time to slowly place the folded letter in the envelope. I made my way through the queue again. And this time an Indian lady was at the counter.

Rags: goodmorning
The Indian lady: goodmorning to you to ( in her very evident Indian accent)
Rags: err..I .. need to send this letter to Canada.
Lady: sure place it on the weighing thing.  That would be 1.49 pounds
Rags: that including all the stamps and stuff.
Lady: sorry ??
Rags: you know the stamps…
Lady: this is your first time isn’t it?
Lol….however innocent the lady’s enquiry might be it seemed very strange to me. A lot of other “first times” flashed through my mind in one second.

And I replied back shyly ..yes mam … first time ….

Thoughts at the end of Jan 21st

The craze and the love for such illogical entertaining so called movies would never fade out in India.
I miss my granddad from time to time, and I still wish I had the chance to say goodbye to him. Before you know it time would have outrun you, make sure you stick to your past, your present. Make time….make time for people in your life.
And writing a letter is a pleasant experience, like someone said…it has a more personal touch to it.
First times…lol


The OthEr LiFe..

Day 4:  5th August, 2008

There are moments when you hate your life. The sheer pressure of coming up with the goods, the anxiety …the daunting question ..if you will ever succeed.
Afternoon came, and I was pondering over my project report. I feel tensed and I curse my luck. I think to myself how unlucky I’ve been in life.
A show on the idiot box catches my eye. It’s a documentary on Kenya, focusing on an inter clan violence. After watching 10 minutes of the show, I was shocked, I trembled, tears rolled down my face. A teacher was narrating the story; he was reliving those torturous memories. I quote him “I saw the soldiers in their uniform, with their powerful guns and spears, I knew something was amiss. I shouted at the children to run, the children who were about 8 or 9 understood me and ran, the younger children did not understand me…..they got slaughtered.” The show then reveals more horrendous events. A child, she looks 5 or 6 has her arms extended, shows the scars that will remain all her life. Another boy shows the bullet wounds he suffered, the host looks at him with horror, and the boy smiles back. The strength and the courage that the boy shows in adversity leave me speechless.
The teacher then leads the host towards the mass grave where many of the people have been buried without even a proper burial. Not even a cross as a testimonial for their existence. All that is left behind are broken dreams and shattered hearts which will weep a thousand years.

The beauty of the world is that even after people have lost everything they still rebuild their life, on hope, on a distant future that seems so vague. The truth is that people still live, without arms, without eyes, without familia and they still survive. I remember the words of a scholar” we shouldn’t waste time thinking of what we don’t have or what we’ve lost but we should embrace what we have with grace. “

I remember seeing videos of tsunami and quake victims who have lost their home, family, wealth …everything that was life to them. Even in the darkest hour I see that twinkle in their eye, the will to start over, start over again. They sing in their hearts….the day will come …that day will come when I will smile again… I will not stop… I will not lose hope…

I am sitting here in my comfy house, with food to eat, clothes to wear, with people who care about me. What right do I have to curse myself? I think about those unfortunate souls who have nothing but a prayer of hope. A glimmer of light, that shines, that would take them through ...that would carry them across the pain and suffering. Life is always about getting through the hard bits. And once you are over the hard bits you relish in the glory and you want to relive it again, you go in search of more challenges….people who cant walk will learn to fly, people who cant see will dream, those dreams will rebuild the shattered houses, lost smiles will come back again, the scars might remain but it will only make them stronger.

What Is LiFe ?

Day 3:  30th August, 2008
Everyone person at least once in his life reaches a point where he thinks to himself what the fuck he is doing with his life.  There has been many a time where life’s asked me that daunting question. What is life? What do you want from it? I close my eyes and it takes me to a place far away. On top of a mountain, I wanna sit, strumming my guitar, singing to the wilderness. Find answers to the unanswered questions. But what happens if I don’t find the answers? What happens if I don achieve anything?

I want to travel; meet new people, live a different life in a completely different world. I always wanted to take time off. Take a break from life. But how long?? How long would it take to answer all my questions? How long would it take me to realize what life is? Maybe this is life, and we’ll find answers along the way, along this long road ahead. The importance of living the way one desires cannot be overemphasized. You just live once; you got to live your dream.

The melancholy sky, the painted fields
The resonating gust, the moody clouds
The strings fool around with harmonies of life
The high takes me places I’ve always wanted to visit           

Down below I see the road to destiny, or is it destiny I seek
I rather endeavor the curves than the straight boulevard ordained
The pointless questions don’t embattle me
All I wanna do is string the tunes of life


Day 2: 24th August ,2008
Current status: grumpy, tired, and confused. 

A topic that I can never get exhausted of. People always tell me that I am a born romantic, a trait that I’d most definitely inherited from my dad.
Why do people fall in love? A question that you could find a millions answers for. The passion? Compassion? The excitement ?  Everyone has to fall in love at least once in his life; experience the joy and the heartbreak. Relive those wonderful joyous moments and the pain that comes with it. Many believe that you only find true love once in life. And if you do, what do you do?? Do you fight for it? Would you always hold it in your heart? I believe that pain is the strongest emotion; I say this because, anyone can convey it and everyone would relate to it, because everyone’s been through it. A large share of the people likes to shy away from love to avoid this aching feeling. How then would you find  your one and only true love? Another funny question that arises is? How do you know when you are in love? Those who’ve been there will tell you that; it’s only a matter of time until you fall in its trap, and you’ll know when it is love. Is love about sharing one’s emotions, their deepest fears and feeling with someone you trust, is it just about the sex, is it just about being one. The phobia of commitment is one that rules many a loving hearts. You strive hard to win your love, and when you become the victor, you always think about the love and the passion you had before and where it all faded away. You wanna move on, search for that one true love. Times like these one thinks to his self, if he always had the one and dint recognize it.  
The beauty of romance is that, just the smile of your lover could erase all the pain, just her touch would show that she cared and her love could make you feel on top of the world. When all you think about is her, all you dream is about being with her, and when you think that you cant live, if living is without her..thats love. It’s a feeling that can never be put in words. Thousands of poet’s and scholars have tried putting love in words, but they have all been left with an unfinished symphony. Still people try to find the magic behind the enigma that is love.
Attraction, like, passion, romance, compatibility are the base lines in love. Where it leads none knows, all that one knows is that it is a journey worth dying for. To have someone in your life who’d make your life complete is the greatest gift of all. Embrace your love; don’t let it fly away, because someday you’ll think why you let your love fly away....when it was once next to you.  The author smiles at himself, knowing that he has no clue where he is going. He sings to himself “I can’t make you love me....if you don’t

The truth is that the world wouldn’t survive if there was no more love left in the world, and how wonderful a place it would be if we had love all around.
I could quote a thousand phrases on love but these are my favorites

“You got to dance like nobody’s watching..
dream like you’ll live forever..
live like you are going to die tomorrow..
and love like its never going to hurt ..“

“The greatest regrets in life are the risks we did not take,
If you think something will make you happy,
Go for it…
Remember that we pass this way only once..”

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

In Life

Day 1- 17th August, 2008

“See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you

Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait without you”                                   quoting U2 – with or without you

Wait for HER, lady luck?  True love? Happiness?  Life as it is has become a wait….a struggle for happiness, as Mr. Chris Gardner so rightly put it “it is the Pursuit of Happyness “. There will be times in our life when we feel alone, how is that one manages to carry himself, without getting tainted…without falling over. For one knows without doubt that if one falls in dark pit, there’s no coming back. Times like these, people start questioning their beliefs, gods, their might…if the path to righteousness is too hard to follow might as well take the detour. It is in times like these people should contemplate on those sweet memories that one holds close to their hearts...those simple things in life that make living worthwhile…lost love, friends, family.
Life should be treated like a game, a game full of tricks. Only some manage to triumph...while there are some who choose not to play the game, they create a new game for themselves…those who tread through this path are called adventurers. What do they seek? Thrill ? Excitement ?  And what happens if they find it .. They thirst for more..

Life is a culmination of events …good and bad, happy and sad, adventurous and the timorous, romantic and unromantic. One who finds the right balance is the master. So what if one doesn’t play the game. What if one doesn’t follow the rules…in LIFE, all that matters is that one is happy… that one lives his life to the fullest. Open your eyes ..take the plunge…don’t be afraid to LIVE your life…..

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Misery love’s finest escort
Wounds still afresh
Pain, her addiction
Forces her to continue
Promising that its gonna be the last love

Black clothes
Her wardrobe full
Anguish, her heart full
Deep down,content she wants to be
Pretty no longer, her grin

Withered , her petals
Heart on a leash
She likes the blade thrust in her
Souless demon, she wanders ........Misery ......


from the image of a girl ...clad in black ...her eyes gleaming .. a smile ... which doesnt show her pain ... still running for love


In memories I live
Of days which showed me true love
The special feeling that I’d forever cherish
When all that mattered was us

Of memories I sing,
Wishing you were still with me
Wiping this loneliness
With the love that you bestow

To sing the song of love
That forever beats in my heart
Memoirs into reality
That makes me complete



Mysterious eyes perch upon me
A song of joy fills the serene mood
The soul dances with endless bliss
The smile brings the world to its feet

Sensuality and grace mesmerize the ambience
Heart wants to reach out to her
Trying to entice with ones best show
Dreaming out loud
Across to the beauty
That hides by the curtains...


About a guy who falls in love with a sensuous woman, who he sees’s everyday in the opposite window...

The Forbidden Fruit

Breathless, I float through the air
The soulless creatures wander
Their beauty magnified in the twilight
The luscious lips unlock the gateway to hell

The guilty pleasures captivate you
Inching further for that momentary pleasure
The clutch tears your skin
The pain takes you to a high
The craving ignites the insanity
The forbidden fruit never tasted so sweet


Inspired by “ Mea culpa by Enigma”


Is love contagious?
For I think I’ve been tainted
Bright blue and green
My mind’s confused
Where do I begin?
To find the cure for this disease

I approached the wise but they were too scared
Drew near the deprived, but they were already jaded
Tried the world, but it was too busy
I reverted to the one who bestowed me the malady
But she cries ……………
She was never diseased



The blue bird sings a song of love
A message far beyond our predicament
The cruel jester whispers some momentary prayers
The air filled with the crazed mans laughter

Hopes and dreams - the barren field
My desires have become a world devoid of love,
The soul’s inability clouds my vision
Stretched past the last sufferable fragment of throbbing

Broken strings and melodies
Embodies my still mind
Severed by the chains of loneliness
The violin weeps my silent tears

Still waiting for that seventh heaven
Where all I wanted is you
Take me home
To a place called paradise……..
All I want is ……


The DaY Drifter

Poignant fields of grayness
Lurking eyes and the tragic souls
Searching for that divine pleasure
Unparallel to any paradise
Troop out to the unknown realities
Where mysteries rest as deep as the ocean

Careless songs set the mood
For a day drifter who's never seen the light
Embarking rides till the roads end
For thy love or treasure
The innocence fails to prevail......



Days go adrift, you’re losing control
Wandering in search of reasons to breathe
The scarlet heavens waiting to pour down on you
Where do you scuttle for comfort
Closed eyes still don’t alleviate the pain,
The thorns deep inside still mar
Darkness embodies fear around you
Where will it end…

Shadows of your past dance in the trance
Clinging on to the last morsel of sanity
Gone are the green meadows
You can’t bury the weakness that thrives in you
Blinded reality from the consumed poison
Still can’t invigorate the bitter savor of life
You start running
Only to plunge in the mysterious melancholy
It all comes to an end


Inspired by Ian Curtis of Joy Division

Sweet Summer Song

She befell like the fresh whiff of monsoon
Her smile cast out all the sorrows in the world
The stars twinkled just for her
Forever lost in her deep blue eyes,

Danced under the moonlit sky,
The Gods looked upon us with envy
The kiss of passion ignited my heart
The sweet summer song in the background
Her touch sends me to heaven and back

We engrave our names in the sand
Knowing that it isn’t permanent
A night of love and compassion
I bid adieu to the girl of my dreams
Wondering if I’ll see her again…..


The voice of Enigma

I dance to the rhythm of the fairies and the angels,
The elucidation plays with your mind
So unreal and poetic,
Embark on my journey into this enthralling world,

Swim across to the uncertain world, beyond the horizons of mysteries,
I venture to tame the wild horses,
It keeps calling me, the voice of enigma,
To the land where the zombies wander
The souls without pulsation

Sun sets in the morning
Darkness drapes the sky
Will wither away
Fighting the shadows that keep you awake
To save the untainted soul
Destiny to seek….


The Storyteller

Stroll through nostalgia
Give names to the empty streets
Sing in the fallen tears from the sky
Build paths that lead to glory
Paint the faces happy
Swim in the river of faith
Cross the roads of destiny
Dance with the angel of dreams
Script the story called life
Stitch the moments in time
Pick the fruits of love


Pick a past that's new

Rummage around for friends that aint new
Grace the sky that aint blue
Dash frolicking down this one way trip
Forever trying to get a grip,
On this fad called life.

Ring up your soul that’s gone astray
Live the future that’s so fray
Paint the black and white pictures
Pick a past that’s new

Awaken to the moon and the stars
Erase the nightmares and the scars
Laugh, when in pain,
Never reflect about what you are to gain

Revive yourself only for the better
Write that letter,
You always wanted to
Imagine the things that were never scripted
Live the life you always dreamt.


Wonder Years

Voyaging through time,
Paces unclear, steps unknown,
Radiant blue skies, the green verdant meadows,
The bitter symphony of the violin, reach out to your bewildered soul

The gray images that stick in your mind,
Clouded by the smoke of the cigarettes,
The dusted pictures, the vacant dreams,

A desperate cry in vain to find the lost rhythm,
You try humming the tunes,
Paint the fading memories,
Trying to fit the fragile pieces of life,

Roving back to a life, when each sound was a beautiful song,
Every sight was incredible,
When everything you had was her,

When time moved on, people changed,
You stood still…with images of …the love of your life.
Living in the wonder years…



Mysterious ways, benevolent ideas
Misfit clowns and crazy people
Tearing you apart.
Night falls, howl like wolves
Mystified in the wilderness of the night.
Yearning for a delightful life,
Picturing a new beginning,
Too frail to see what lie’s behind
Dusk to dawn,
A new sunshine…….


The Sea

Standing alone on the beach
The waves come rushing to my feet.
The sun sets, ironic
The wind reminds me of wild cries
Cries of loneliness, they echo in my ear
I watch my ship sail adrift in the blue of the night.
I write my name on these shores...
Soon to be washed away by the sea…..



Novelty sets in, as another dark day goes by
Black pearls of glory, reminiscent of your conquest
Blue buoyant sky beckoning you to fly
Seeds of victory perish in your mind
Faces no more recognizable
Paces unclear
A sailor, stuck ashore.


Silent Tears

My life has lost all its colors now.
The songs dont sing anymore .
I've set sail on this lonesome cruise.
Heaven is too far away.
Words have lost their meaning .
Silent tears of agony .

by rags

The Poet

Do you hear the serene sound ,
Does the atmosphere leave you in a bedlam
Still searching for that lost soul
A dilemma that you can never come out off
The irony so pure
The rude awakening leaves you for the dead
This is your last love song
A poet drunk in LOVE

By Rags

True Love

Broken heart,bleedin red
Tainted life,blue n black
My runaway bride ,left me in tatters
Broken bridges,they cant be mend
My rides takena detour
Happiness is miles away
Realising true love
was such a big mistake


Save Me

The weeping echoes into silence,
Dried up have all the tears
Anguish falls on deaf ears
Save me, save me

Withered away have all hope and faith, the fall
Weary to scale the heights of prosperity
Shoved in by the cold and the shadows
Cast off by the nonexistent saviour

Holding on to the waning pride
Sanity and will slip away
Empty spaces, closed doors
Betrayed and battered, he twitches in solitude
Peace he finds, eyes closed


The End

Another petal withers away
Darkness blooms inconsolable pain
An estranged kite floats into heaven
Devoid of love or peace one wonders
Rain drops trickle down your cheek
Fading smiles and lost hopes
Eyes turn dry, yet sorrow relentless
Empty rooms whisper thou name

A moonless sky follow sundown
Hollow brooks impound the paper boats
Memories remain, teasing you
For better, or for worse ......


This is how you make me feel

As a child, I run through the shores
Blossoms, fresh leaves in autumn
High, as the starry skies
This is how you make me feel

New tracks I’ve found to run
Of happiness and grace
Miles more I journey into serenity
Past the cloudy skies

A thousand daisies bloom
In a desert of deprived love
Submerging my sorrows, the blue monsoon that rains,
Swimming with the dolphins, rendering tranquility…


What is life?

The melancholy sky, the painted fields
The resonating gust, the moody clouds
The strings fool around with harmonies of life
The high takes me places I’ve always wanted to visit

Down below I see the road to destiny, or is it destiny I seek
I rather endeavor the curves than the straight boulevard ordained
The pointless questions don’t embattle me
All I wanna do is string the tunes of life


Goodness gracious, where am I

Given a name, no one to call,

Vacant dreams keep you awake,

Unaware of the be wilderness,

That surrounds you in this ever glorious cloud,

Clouds of dust.

Prettier than that blue eyed girl,

Fooling you with its iniquitous ways.

Stranded on a lonely beach

Its just you and that blue eyed girl

In a world of malicious realities ……..

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