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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

That thing that makes you Happy

I see them walk around in their fancy dresses
Their Porsche ride doesn’t envy me
But what’s that on their face?
It makes her pretty,
It makes her feel lively.

Could she be an angel
Could she be my imagination
What's that on her face ?
That thing that makes her pretty

I wander along the rusty roads
Trying to do the things I could once do
They made me feel alive
Only they have all forgotten me
What’s that thing on their face
That thing that makes them pretty

Hello sir, I call out
Whats that thing on your face?
That thing that makes you happy
“My smile you mean “
“Yeah how do you do it”

Why is that I cant do that thing
That makes them pretty
That makes them lively
That makes them human

I should be alive, cos it beats, my heart
I should be human cos the same, do I look
Why cant I do that thing
That thing that makes them happy……


  1. reading this thing made me happy...great work..n well written

  2. tat was soo simple...yet kinda went rt thru me..luved it..:)


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