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Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Boy who lost track of time....

I woke up today with a profound emptiness inside of me, the sort of feeling that makes you numb, the sort of hysteria that leaves you ragged. I get up and meander through the mundane duties that prepare me for the wistful day that awaits me.  I put on a shirt and tie and glance at the crooked image in the mirror that was happy once. His heart, it’s till there, the beat it still echoes like it always used to, a tear rallies down his freckled face, just a solemn drop of tear.

The Boy who lost track of time....

I wave goodbye to the soul in the mirror,
And venture out with a hollow unsung tune,
The images, the memoirs still keep flickering,
Yes, it’s a beautiful lass; it always has to be...
The smile that led me to believe that there was a better place out there
A place where I’d build all my dreams
But, them dreams,
Can’t be built on ones forlorn trance

I look around for your wasted smile
Rummage around for pieces of you here and there
Your smell, your things
I wander without a clue to my name

I drift through the empty corridors
Feeling only my lost soul
Still I trip, hoping that one day
You’ll greet me with that plastic smile

This mundane life has buried me with lies
And I can’t get around, when there’s no detour
Every dawn I stop, longing for that precious smile,
And I wait knowing that one day; your memories will all fade,
And I’ll eternally be the boy, who lost track of time. 



  1. Now that muse has blessed you, keep on writing Rags. You have a beautiful way of expressing things...Lucky YOU!


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