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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Coversations with a Voice

As I travel through the uncertainties of life, treading along the long winding road I stumbled upon a strange voice in the darkness. It told me that it knew me well. It promised me that it would tell me about my past and about my future.

Me: So tell me, what do you have to preach?
The voice: Well you have lost something in life really close to you
Me: hmmm
The Voice: You dint realize how precious it was until you actually lost it
The Voice: When it was gone there was no bringing it back
The Voice: You have held onto it
The Voice: Till date as it’s hard to forget it
The Voice: or maybe you dint want to let go because it’s too close to your heart
The Voice: Tell me if I’m right?

Me: Yes, please go on.

The Voice: Right, You want something big in life but you are still confused about it as the past is staring you in the face all the time
The Voice: you think you may have a grip on your future
The Voice: but when you look at it
The Voice: You don’t!
The Voice: You want someone special to talk to
The Voice: to be with
The Voice: to hold hands with
The Voice: but you are scared about moving on from the past
The Voice: as you’re scared to get hurt again
The Voice: and you think that if it will happen again it will be the end of you
The Voice: there you
The Voice: that’s your life!

Me: You are right, tell me, tell me about the future

The Voice: This is what I’m thinking
The Voice: Well you will get somewhere great
The Voice: but it will take hard work and effort
The Voice: nothing will be put on your plate
The Voice: and you got to leave things behind to let you move on
Me: You mean I should forget the past?
The Voice: if you can
The Voice: it’s pulling you back
The Voice: you are in a cage
The Voice: where you are locked in your own little world
The Voice: there is a world out there you got to see and leave the past behind…..

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