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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Top Memoirs

I guess everyone should have a top five/ ten list in their lives. A top ten list about their best relationships, about their favourite moments, their darling people and so on.  Inspired by the brilliant movie “High Fidelity”, I will try and contemplate on the moments that make me, that define me. Note that they are in no particular order. 

Top family/friends memorabilia

1)    My dad checking on me after I fell asleep. Teenage life is always turbulent and I guess it will always be. I was a wild horse, a rebel paying no heed to my parent’s requests or advices. My dad urged me to set my life to a time table and study accordingly. Only I never studied. This of course drove him crazy; especially when I was doing my A levels (Class 12th). On this particular day I had a reason other than being lazy to sleep early, I was ill. My dad though paid no heed to this. He was cross and gave me an earful complaining about my lack of ambition and passion. I went to sleep, cursing the world and everything around, feeling depressed and lonely. Night time; I felt someone’s hand over my head, and someone putting the blanket over me so that I would stay warm. I opened my eyes and I saw my dad watching with love and care in his eyes. I cried my eyes out that night; tears of happiness.
2)    My mom’s tears; don’t get me wrong here, like any loving son I hate to see my mom cry. But sometimes these are moments you always cherish. Especially when the “Kollatt” family is known to be strong and show no signs of emotional weakness. Every time I left for somewhere far my mom would cry, like when I left my hometown in search of further enlightenment, the time when I left my country for further knowledge. But my all time favourite moment would be the time I had to return back after my holiday in India. With the bags in my hand, all set for the voyage, I said goodbye to my mom. I hugged her, and then I kissed her. Her eyes full of tears, she dint want to let me go, and I just wanted to stay in my mom’s warm embrace. I was a kid again.
3)    My sisters 14th birthday (I think, really bad with dates). This time it was more than special. She knew she wouldn’t see me again for a long time. She knew I was getting ready for my estranged journey. She sat beside me, her hand in my hand, her head on my shoulder and then she fell sleep.
4)    My best mate calling me from 3000 miles away, just to cry. He said if there was one person he felt comfortable crying to, it was me, the one person he could open up to.
5)    Knowing that you are truly, utterly in love.  Though burdened with the tag of being a romantic, I’ve always been estranged from falling in love.
It was the last time I would ever meet her, the last time I would ever talk to her. And when she said how much she adored me and cared for me, and when those tiny drops of tears trickled down her cheek. I knew finally what true love meant.
6)    My dad returning home after spending 8 days with the Taliban terrorists after his flight was hijacked. The actuality or the sheer magnitude of it dint sink in immediately. The feeling that I could actually lose my dad, was sheer pain and horror. And when he returned home safe, I felt I was truly blessed. Yes this ones a true story.

Top weird moments

1)    Your girlfriend professing her undying love to you and then posting the question, why you love her and you thinking “Boy! I so should not be here”.
2)    Finding out that your girlfriend has body odour. Yes folks been there.
3)    Giving your partner plentiful of hints and when she still doesn’t get the fact that she has body odour.
4)    Stumbling on somebody from your past and having absolutely no clue how you know them or what their name is.
5)    Interviewer “tell me which is your favourite subject “I replied “hmm I don’t know, maybe English”. The interviewer asked shocked “but you studied Engineering”. And I replied with a sly smile on my face” I know, I know”.
Realising in a split second that, four years of engineering was a sheer waste of time, money and hard work? Nah! Maybe not hard work. But this feeling was quite priceless.

Top amazing moments

1)    Ever smoked a cigarette while you’re having a shit? No? I am no regular smoker but this is truly an amazing feeling, a feeling that cannot be explained in words. It feels like the heaven has opened up and is calling out to you, okay maybe I overshot a bit but you get my point, don’t you?
2)    Riding into the sun. Whether your passion is driving a car or a bike, when you travel along the long winding road and you can see nothing but the bright sun. You might be blinded but at least you know you’re riding into the light.
3)    Browsing through your old photo album and thinking, damn! Even I was cute once.
4)    Finding out that your mom still has treasured your first toy.
5)    Power Naps! Man would forever be grateful for the person who invented the Snooze button on alarm clocks. Waking up early for work/school and just wanting to go back to sleep, those precious ten minutes.
6)    Aroma. I turn around a corner in London and a special scent floats by me, it reminds me of the delicious food my mom used to make. It takes me miles back to India in a split second. Man has never been able to find answers to why smell is one those senses that always remind us of someone special. The aroma of your better half, the smell of her skin, her hair. 

Top nostalgic moments

1)    Learning to ride the bike. I still remember that day like yesterday. My dad urged me to ride the bike without the two support wheels it had on the sides. He said he was behind me, and that nothing would ever happen. He pushed the bike forward and I rode into the unknown to seek new adventures and mysteries.
2)    Stepping foot on a boat for the first time with my old man. I still remember the blue sailor cap I wore and the yellow and white dress I wore.
3)    Playing superheroes with my brother, don’t know why this memory is imprint in my mind. But I guess it takes me back to an age when you think anything’s possible, when dreams came true.
4)    The day my baby brothers were born, it felt like another part of you just walked into the world.
5)    Your granddad/grand mom telling you bedtime stories. 



  1. You made me go into flash back mode. Getting to know you more with your every post! :)
    Keep it coming...


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