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Thursday, 18 February 2010

What Is LiFe ?

Day 3:  30th August, 2008
Everyone person at least once in his life reaches a point where he thinks to himself what the fuck he is doing with his life.  There has been many a time where life’s asked me that daunting question. What is life? What do you want from it? I close my eyes and it takes me to a place far away. On top of a mountain, I wanna sit, strumming my guitar, singing to the wilderness. Find answers to the unanswered questions. But what happens if I don’t find the answers? What happens if I don achieve anything?

I want to travel; meet new people, live a different life in a completely different world. I always wanted to take time off. Take a break from life. But how long?? How long would it take to answer all my questions? How long would it take me to realize what life is? Maybe this is life, and we’ll find answers along the way, along this long road ahead. The importance of living the way one desires cannot be overemphasized. You just live once; you got to live your dream.

The melancholy sky, the painted fields
The resonating gust, the moody clouds
The strings fool around with harmonies of life
The high takes me places I’ve always wanted to visit           

Down below I see the road to destiny, or is it destiny I seek
I rather endeavor the curves than the straight boulevard ordained
The pointless questions don’t embattle me
All I wanna do is string the tunes of life

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