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Thursday, 18 February 2010


Day 2: 24th August ,2008
Current status: grumpy, tired, and confused. 

A topic that I can never get exhausted of. People always tell me that I am a born romantic, a trait that I’d most definitely inherited from my dad.
Why do people fall in love? A question that you could find a millions answers for. The passion? Compassion? The excitement ?  Everyone has to fall in love at least once in his life; experience the joy and the heartbreak. Relive those wonderful joyous moments and the pain that comes with it. Many believe that you only find true love once in life. And if you do, what do you do?? Do you fight for it? Would you always hold it in your heart? I believe that pain is the strongest emotion; I say this because, anyone can convey it and everyone would relate to it, because everyone’s been through it. A large share of the people likes to shy away from love to avoid this aching feeling. How then would you find  your one and only true love? Another funny question that arises is? How do you know when you are in love? Those who’ve been there will tell you that; it’s only a matter of time until you fall in its trap, and you’ll know when it is love. Is love about sharing one’s emotions, their deepest fears and feeling with someone you trust, is it just about the sex, is it just about being one. The phobia of commitment is one that rules many a loving hearts. You strive hard to win your love, and when you become the victor, you always think about the love and the passion you had before and where it all faded away. You wanna move on, search for that one true love. Times like these one thinks to his self, if he always had the one and dint recognize it.  
The beauty of romance is that, just the smile of your lover could erase all the pain, just her touch would show that she cared and her love could make you feel on top of the world. When all you think about is her, all you dream is about being with her, and when you think that you cant live, if living is without her..thats love. It’s a feeling that can never be put in words. Thousands of poet’s and scholars have tried putting love in words, but they have all been left with an unfinished symphony. Still people try to find the magic behind the enigma that is love.
Attraction, like, passion, romance, compatibility are the base lines in love. Where it leads none knows, all that one knows is that it is a journey worth dying for. To have someone in your life who’d make your life complete is the greatest gift of all. Embrace your love; don’t let it fly away, because someday you’ll think why you let your love fly away....when it was once next to you.  The author smiles at himself, knowing that he has no clue where he is going. He sings to himself “I can’t make you love me....if you don’t

The truth is that the world wouldn’t survive if there was no more love left in the world, and how wonderful a place it would be if we had love all around.
I could quote a thousand phrases on love but these are my favorites

“You got to dance like nobody’s watching..
dream like you’ll live forever..
live like you are going to die tomorrow..
and love like its never going to hurt ..“

“The greatest regrets in life are the risks we did not take,
If you think something will make you happy,
Go for it…
Remember that we pass this way only once..”

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  1. love is all that love buys...feeling incomplete without him/her. whatever you get still run behind the same old tale..even at a distance, the sound that makes ur heart beat faster and make you smile!

    ----- well written kid. loved the post!


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