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Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Visit to the Post Office

Villu (The bow)

Yes this passage is about my review of a Tamil (Indian) movie called Villu starring Vijay aka junior Rajnikanth as he is called, and directed by the ingenious choreographer Prabhudeva. So why would I watch such a movie which was deemed to be horrible. Well read on …. 

The plot of the movie is pretty simple, a son wanting to take revenge on his father’s death who; yes you guessed it, was a soldier. It’s a roller coaster ride and fast paced right from the start. And if you are watching such a movie, be sure you left your thinking part of the brain at home, because there is nothing rational about the film. I’ve heard people say that a movie should have plots, events, heroes that are deficient in the real life. And that’s all that this film is about. To protect me from going insane I was forced to fast forward through the entire movie, oh yes the good old fast forward. This made the experience a little, yes bearable I would say. I had once sworn to myself that I would never watch a Vijay movie, but one thing has to be said, he is definitely one of the best dancers in India and Prabhudeva one of the most talented choreographers in India. I was expecting just a little bit of sanity from a director of such stature, but I was bitterly disappointed. Not only was the movie a direct rip off from the Hindi movie, it had some insane scenes included from the not so popular English flick – Kung Pow.

There were a few elements that needed appreciation though, such as a scene which got me into a laughing riot. They portrayed a guy riding a bullock cart whilst listening to Michael Jackson, that was a freaking awesome scene. Whilst watching this movie, I was time and again reminded by the quote that there is no happy ending in real life, and maybe that’s what we hope for in reel life. I believe that I am a harsh critic and I force myself to watch the most serious, most sensible movies of all, but I had to watch this one, which was a welcome relief at times, a movie which had no logic, no sense to it, but isn’t life like that most of the times.

The trip to the post office

After receiving the first letter from Dharu I had promised myself that I would write her back. And so I did, I took a pen and paper and started writing. I kept writing until I was out of words and then I threw it in the bin.
Months later she says that she is sending me another letter. And this time I really wanted to write back. I put in all the anger and the love and I wrote. I hadn’t written a letter to anyone for years. If memory serves me right the last time I send a letter to someone was to my late Grandfather when I was only 10 and sailing with my dad. I still remember picking out that little postcard and writing him about the big ship I was traveling in and how I missed him. 
How to write a letter, yes I need a pen, ..Darn cant find it; a pencil would do just as fine I figured. Now I need something to write on. Darn I couldn’t find a piece of paper. I finally managed to write the long awaited letter on the reverse side of my project print outs. There, now that’s informative.  And so I wrote and the master piece was done in one sitting and yes a little bit of beer did help.  Now I had to find time to send the letter, I hated waiting. I wanted to post it soon as possible and get the reply the sooner. I made time for myself and made my little trip to the post office. Now this would have to be my first ever trip to any post office. I entered the strange imperious looking place. I saw a long queue where every one looked serious.  Hmm maybe that’s the way to be; I thought to myself, I put on my straight face as well. Now, what do I need, yes an envelope. After browsing through many of the different varieties of envelopes I decided on the plain white envelope contrary to the bright green one Dhara had send me. I pushed through the queue and paid for the envelope. My first letter in so many years. I took time to slowly place the folded letter in the envelope. I made my way through the queue again. And this time an Indian lady was at the counter.

Rags: goodmorning
The Indian lady: goodmorning to you to ( in her very evident Indian accent)
Rags: err..I .. need to send this letter to Canada.
Lady: sure place it on the weighing thing.  That would be 1.49 pounds
Rags: that including all the stamps and stuff.
Lady: sorry ??
Rags: you know the stamps…
Lady: this is your first time isn’t it?
Lol….however innocent the lady’s enquiry might be it seemed very strange to me. A lot of other “first times” flashed through my mind in one second.

And I replied back shyly ..yes mam … first time ….

Thoughts at the end of Jan 21st

The craze and the love for such illogical entertaining so called movies would never fade out in India.
I miss my granddad from time to time, and I still wish I had the chance to say goodbye to him. Before you know it time would have outrun you, make sure you stick to your past, your present. Make time….make time for people in your life.
And writing a letter is a pleasant experience, like someone said…it has a more personal touch to it.
First times…lol


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